How to simplify the WordPress development processes which involve clients

I had a period in my life when I was working for different employers like a freelancer developing wordpress plugins, themes enhancements and some integrations.

Back then I didn’t realize how much time I was spending in communication with the clients or the middle man (project manager), because, let’s be honest – time is money, right. I didn’t mind to spend 3-4 hours talking to a client about how to make the red button, even more red or why the image is not aligned with the little horse. They would pay me anyway. You know what I mean.

After I started expanding my business portfolio I realized that “spending time” from the previous paragraph is actually losing time. Instead of working for many clients and getting more opportunities (more money) I was working just for a few.

This was one of the reasons for which I decided to move to another segment of my professional life. True story!


vTiger SOAP bridge from WordPress and Imap server

In my last project I have to make to work together a vTiger instalation, a WordPress form and an Imap account. The best decision was to create 2 SOAP services to handle 2 requests:

Show me the code
1. Setup the webforms.php. The good thing is – you can use this SOAP service to fill ALL of your custom fields:


$server = new soap_server;

// declare all of your data here. Including all of your custom fields.
	array(	'firstname'=>'xsd:string',
                'ratealert' => 'xsd:string'

1.1 Write a simple function to handle the requests and to save your vTiger LEAD.

// you have to give as arguments the same fields you declared previously
function create_newlead($firstname, $lastname, $email, $phone, $lp, $tr, $tp, $ch, $assigned_user_id, $cs, $pt, $occ, $pv, $la, $terms, $dr,$ratealert)
	$focus = new Leads();
	$focus->column_fields['firstname'] = $firstname;
	$focus->column_fields['lastname'] = $lastname;
	$focus->column_fields['email'] = $email;
	$focus->column_fields['phone'] = $phone;
//here are my custom fields
	$focus->column_fields['cf_541'] = $lp;
	$focus->column_fields['cf_542'] = $cs;
	$focus->column_fields['cf_544'] = $occ;
	$focus->column_fields['cf_545'] = $pv;
	$focus->column_fields['assigned_user_id'] = 1; //admin
	$focus->column_fields['cf_546'] = $pt;
	$focus->column_fields['cf_547'] = $terms;
	$focus->column_fields['cf_548'] = $la;
	$focus->column_fields['cf_549'] = $tr;
	$focus->column_fields['cf_550'] = $tp;
	$focus->column_fields['cf_551'] = $ch;
        $focus->column_fields['cf_552'] = $dr;
	if($focus->id != '')
		$msg = "OK";
		$msg = "Error";

	return $msg;

2. Upload the code to ‘soap’ folder of your vTiger app.
3. Call the method from somwhere.

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