How to simplify the WordPress development processes which involve clients

I had a period in my life when I was working for different employers like a freelancer developing wordpress plugins, themes enhancements and some integrations.

Back then I didn’t realize how much time I was spending in communication with the clients or the middle man (project manager), because, let’s be honest – time is money, right. I didn’t mind to spend 3-4 hours talking to a client about how to make the red button, even more red or why the image is not aligned with the little horse. They would pay me anyway. You know what I mean.

After I started expanding my business portfolio I realized that “spending time” from the previous paragraph is actually losing time. Instead of working for many clients and getting more opportunities (more money) I was working just for a few.

This was one of the reasons for which I decided to move to another segment of my professional life. True story!