Kolab server 2.3 alpha is available

This year Kolab Systems has a very special Christmas present for you: The release of the Kolab server 2.3 alpha. A little late, but good things take time. This release introduces new features like synchronization of mobile devices with kolab-z-push or modular packaging of the kolab-webclient, updates of many important components and tons of bug fixes. Detailed information about the… Read more →

Electronic Frontier Bulgaria and Human of the Year Award 2010

EFB is is an organization for the protection of free information and of privacy within the electronic communications sector. The project includes more than 300 activists fighting against ‘the uncontrolled intrusion of the authorities into our private space’, and for the protection of freedom of expression. We won 3th place ! The Human of the Year Awards are not financial… Read more →

Sync to replace delicious?

I just saw a tweet posted from @danbri with a question is Sync (Wave) going to replace del.icio.us and … “Waw this is an amazing idea“. Why not if I can choose some ‘public’ categories (during the setup) or if I can use a specific tag, they can be visible under my username to a public website? Read more →