Wordcamp Romania 2010

Am fost invatat sa fie un vorbitor de WordCamp Romania in Bucuresti. Am sosit la Piata Unirii cu sotia mea Silvia la ora 8 si pentru 20 de minuti am gasit Bucharest Hubb – unde evenimentul are loc.

Atmosfera a fost .. Awsome :) Nu e adevarut n-am inteles nimic :) Am inteles 30 la suta de toate discuttile si daca, anul viitor primesc una invitatia sa fi vorbitor sa incerc sa vorbim in Limba Romana. :))

Am întâlnit o mulţime de oameni noi din Bucuresti, Oradea, Cluj si din alte oraşe din Romania.

Am un noi blog in Limba Romana :))) Daca aveti, pot sa ma folositi – http://blogu.lu/bogo/
Multumesc !

A (open source) dream comes true

Since I have started my passion and work on open source and free software projects I wanted to be a valuable part of a great FOSS project.

I am now a Senior Engineer at Kolab. Kolab Groupware is the open source equivalent of Microsoft Exchange. Yes, Kolab is better :)

I will have the opportunity to work with Georg Greeve, Paul Adams and many other nice folks.

I will never write proprietary software :)

Kolab is a personal information management solution that allows you to organize yourself and others through email, contacts, calendar and tasks wherever you are. Unlike other groupware solutions, Kolab is designed along a “need to know” principle where each server only has the information relevant for a particular company, group or project. There is only one point where all your information comes together and shapes the complete picture – in your hands.

Of course I will always be the same hacktivist of Mozilla as ever :)

Talks in Romania and Bulgaria (feat. Chuck Norris)

I am going to talk at several events in next weeks.

I am starting this weekend. I will share my ideas about how to make money using your hacking skills at Wordcamp Romania. The exact topic is (if you are from North America, don’t read this – warning) Fuck the cola, Fuck the whiskey, all we need is more hackers :)

Next one will be in November 12th in Sofia. I will explain why “Only Chuck Norris can CLOSE the open web“.

One week after this event I will be speaking at very very popular OpenFest conference, and the topic wil be, well …. ” Only Chuck Norris can CLOSE the open source.

The final talk will be at November 26th, during Freelance Con in Sofia and will be about “Effective Telework, Online Project and Team Collaboration”.

It will be very interesting month full of emotions and freedom

Balkan’s community meeting is tomorrow

Moz Balkans

This is just a friendly reminder about our meeting tomorrow.

Sharing is caring
I will be more than happy if you fill some ideas for sharing on our meeting page or just drop it here and I will update the wiki. It will be great if all of you find information about Firefox market share in your country and share it with others. I will give a BOTTLE of red wine to the winner :)

If you are from Albania,Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia,Romania.Serbia,Slovenia, Kosovo or you feel the Balkan spirit, please feel free to join us.