OpenData Hack Day #odhd

Today is OpenData day. Here is my contribution:

I am scrapping the members of the parliament from a static HTML file to a dynamic XML.

Wanna try?
Load and change parameter as:

1 – Independents
2 – GERB
3 – KB
4 – DPS
5 – Ataka
6 – Blue Coalition

How it works?
I wrote some simple scripts to extract the data and to put it into MySQL database and then I am loading it from there in XML format.

Long Term
I am now really exited to implement the CAP into some of Bulgarian governmental agencies.

KOLABoration in action

OpenFest 2010 – the eighth edition of the annual fest for open culture, open software and free sharing of knowledge will take place on 20th and 21st November 2010. For second year the fest will be held at the business center Interpred in Sofia.

This will be the eighth time that OpenFestwill gather together the fans of the free and open software and culture with its diverse agenta. This year the accent will fall strongly on the technical lectures.

In the spirit of out tradition to present free/open alternatives Bogomil Shopov will acquaint us with Kolab – the full equivalent of the expensive and closed solutions such as Exchange.

Yes, I will be talking about Kolab. Do you know what is this:

If you ask the guys from “IT Crowd”, this may be .. the Internet, but in fact is an ugly black box – yes, the same like Microsoft exchange.

What if you can rely on a better solution for your company? Why not be able to look what’s inside the box and to fix something to make your groupware experience better?

Come and see me, presenting the blue open box, called Kolab.


This is a title of the ONLINE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT CITIZENS FORUM with Members of the European Parliament Tanja Fajon (S&D/SD), Slovenia participating from Multimedia Center Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia and Christian Engström (Greens-EFA/Pirate Party), Sweden participating from Sweden. It will happen on Friday, 12th November at 17.00.

We kindly invite you to participate through Online Citizens Forum Web Page. We also encourage you to send this information to everybody who might be interested.

The web page will support online participation through a video stream of the discussion taking place in Multimedia Center Kibla, Maribor ( while your direct participation will be supported through a special chat room in which the moderator will be taking questions prior to and during the discussion. The discussion will be moderated by Simon Delakorda from the Institute for Electronic Participation

• Free flow of information and services in the European Union and the protection of copyright and patent laws.
• The role of the European Union in ensuring the protection of all internet users.
• The future of information technologies and new forms of political participation with respect to the functioning and the role of the European Parliament in political life.

The event is organized by European Parliament Information Office for Slovenia, European Parliament Information Office for Sweden, Pro et Contra – Institute for Culture in Dialouge ( in cooperation with Multimedia Center Kibla.

Wordcamp Romania 2010

Am fost invatat sa fie un vorbitor de WordCamp Romania in Bucuresti. Am sosit la Piata Unirii cu sotia mea Silvia la ora 8 si pentru 20 de minuti am gasit Bucharest Hubb – unde evenimentul are loc.

Atmosfera a fost .. Awsome :) Nu e adevarut n-am inteles nimic :) Am inteles 30 la suta de toate discuttile si daca, anul viitor primesc una invitatia sa fi vorbitor sa incerc sa vorbim in Limba Romana. :))

Am întâlnit o mulţime de oameni noi din Bucuresti, Oradea, Cluj si din alte oraşe din Romania.

Am un noi blog in Limba Romana :))) Daca aveti, pot sa ma folositi –
Multumesc !