Bogomil Shopov

I apply Lean-Agile knowledge and tools to execute and release value.

Wips My Browser

Do you remember MTV’s Pimp My Ride? It was a show about a bunch of guys who came to your home and magically transformed your old car into a modern-looking vehicle. I remember the passion of the crew and as well as the face of the “client” when s/he saw the “pimped” ride. The show…

Warning! A Mozilla scam

I just got this message into my mailbox. Beware! From: Mozilla Firefox [] Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 4:34 AM Subject: 2014 Promotion Reward. Sir/Madam, Good News !!!!  Mozilla Foundation is rewarding people all over the world through its online promotion recently conducted which your email has been selected as a winner. Your E-mail Address…

Facebook doesn’t like QR codes?

I just got this message from Facebook: Your ad wasn’t approved because the image includes nonexistent functionality such as a play button that suggests video capability or a close buttons that doesn’t close. And the image with the “nonexistent functionality” is… a QR code. I really don’t get it.

Build your own UX with #FirefoxOS (slides)

There are the slides from my talk the other day. The talk was part of UXCirus show where we mix fun and knowledge. I’ve got 10 minutes to talk about the topic in a pub full of developers, UI and UX guys and even some normal people (at the bar). The main claim was: We…