Invison, please fix it

I visited today invision blog to learn about how to use some of their features and 3 seconds after I hit “play” on the video tutorial I got this, hovering everything, including the video I am interested in: Please fix it! I understand the reason behind it,  but please can you hide it on the video pages? I am there… Read more →

Startups, go to Slovenia now!

I met with 3 Slovenian guys last week, just after my training session with StartupYard teams, and this become something more interesting that just having a beer with chips in a pub in the middle of Prague’s most awesome district – Smichov. (Yeah, Google and Skype are just around the corner + some of the most successful Czech companies)  … Read more →

Voice navigation – bringing your app to the next level?

This morning I was surprised by Google Drive. They offered me to use voice for some basic commands, instead of selecting them or using a shortcut (in my case). A few months ago I created an experiment by combining the shiny SoHo Interface with a few good working opensource javascript implementations for voice and gesture to control the interface. I… Read more →

The saddest job of the IT world is … being a growth hacker

I held my second growth hacking workshop for StartupYard a few days ago and I did a small research – I was looking for a joke to use as an icebreaker at the start of the workshop. So I was trying to find out some funny growth hacking resources using Google, but then I realized, there is none. No kidding… Read more →