How to remix the web or how Forbes writes about me.

I have spent most of my free time in last 2 years to teach people how to use web and technology for their own causes. Unfortunately I have a very limited ‘free’ time and I can only “start the fire” and to let people to develop the idea by them selves, with little push (or kick) from time to time.

I was a speaker to a very amazing group of art students and right now they have very short idea on what they can do on the Web, except hanging around on Facebook or downloading a movie from a torrent site. We had a great practical session together and I think they think differently about web right now. I’d love to do that again.

Forbes mentioned me in an article about remixing the web and using the the technology to fight for our own rights and for freedom of speech. I have “fired” our prime minister by creating a copy of the official government webpage with a surprising news :) The news was on every news e-paper in Bulgaria on the same day and on every hard copy edition on the next.

On the next day even the PM mentioned that “action” on the TV :)

Change can happen in seconds, especially with the tools and technology at our disposal



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4 responses to “How to remix the web or how Forbes writes about me.”

  1. Me, myself and I Avatar
    Me, myself and I

    You’re a fucking idiot Bogo.

    1. Bogo Avatar

      I knooooow, but I am curious why you think I am an idiot :)

  2. sudo Avatar

    GDBOP in action :)

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