Converting your IDE into a powerful JetPack machine

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I just started a project at GitHub to add a command bundle for my Aptana IDE (it’s Eclipse based) for Mozilla JetPack.

Right now it’s just a skeleton and contains only ‘cfx – run’ command, but the main idea is to create bunch of snipplets and to add more command in near future for rapid JetPack development.

Here are some screenshots:

Here is how the menu looks like:

Let’s see it in action:

You can use the shortcut also (CTRL +R)

If you want to download it or if you want to join this interesting project, please visit GitHub or drop me a line here.

To see it with good quality, click Right button – and select ‘View Video’ or select “Full screen”

This video shows what happens after ‘CTRL + R’ combination (see above). The automation is real :)


  • Mike
    May 6, 2011

    Looks very nice and helpful. the question that you have to source bin/activate to Aptana’s console too, but this is not such a big deal.

  • Mardeg
    May 6, 2011

    Would this be easy to make into a BlueGriffon extension?

    • Bogo
      May 7, 2011

      @Mardeg: at least I can try

  • Schalk Neethling
    May 7, 2011

    Awesome, will definitely be following this on Github and contributing where I can.

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