Sending SMS messages via Twilio Rest API

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I am looking at Twilio API right now for a project and I am surprised how easy is to handle voice and SMS messages. Here is an example, written by me:

ApiVersion = "2008-08-01";
	$this->AccountSid = "Axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; //get your own after trial registration on
	$this->AuthToken = "axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
	$this->smsServer = new TwilioRestClient($this->AccountSid, $this->AuthToken);

function sendSMS($to, $from, $whattosend)

	$response = $this->smsServer->request("/$this->ApiVersion/Accounts/$this->AccountSid/SMS/Messages", 
			"POST", array(
			"To" => $to,
			"From" => $from,
			"Body" => $whattosend
			echo "Error: {$response->ErrorMessage}";
			echo "Done";


function __destruct()



$s= new Twillio_SMS;
$s->sendSMS('4155992671','4155992671','this is a test');


If you are interested in this topic, or if you have some ideas, please join me at my test repo @ Github


  • parul yadav
    August 14, 2010

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  • Mobile Marketing
    January 17, 2012

    Does this code like this let a website visitor join an sms subscription list? We built an SMS application using twilio’s API and I would like for visitors to join one of my lists from a website by entering their phone # and sending it to my application somehow.

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