How to prioritize your ideas and feature requests?

I spent my last 10-15 years working on different stages of the product life-cycle and the experience I acquired helped me to build something that I am about to share with everyone.


One of the challenges in running a startup is that you have lots of ideas on how to grow, but you don’t know which plan to execute first and which one has a better chance to succeed because you love them all.



Neeoo - A prioritization Matrix that works

I have combined a few approaches in a powerful prioritization matrix with instructions on how to use it for ANY business.

  • Easy to use – you need just 15 min to get started
  • Flexible – it adapts to your business model
  • Unique – you could prioritize marketing experiment or features, especially if you don’t have data to support your theory.

Take it

I want to share that with you, for free. If you are ready to accelerate your growth, click here to join my ProductHunt upcoming campaign or send me an e-mail to bogomil at

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