Onlot is on Product Hunt. Oh, Common!

For those who know me, I don’t get angry often, but stories like this piss me off immediately.  I am contributing to the Product Hunt, from time to time.

PH is a good product where you can find newly created products organized by categories. They allow you also to vote for newly added products and based on the vote of the community they receive some love – mainly some traffic and great visibility.

The key thing is – you should not encourage your users or followers to vote for you product/project/app, but to leave the community to decide whether is good or not. Also PH is a great platform for receiving very valuable feedback.

All that said, As an active member of the community I am receiving almost every day requests to up-vote something via one of my channels – twitter, facebook, mail, etc, which is clearly violation of the community “rules”, but recently I am bugged by a guy called Kostya Rypta, on several channels at the same time to up-vote something called Onlot.

Maybe is a good product, maybe not, but my love goes everywhere and I really want to scream that PH is not a marketing platform to put your links and to get some clicks by spamming people to up-vote, but it’s something more magical.


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