Startups, go to Slovenia now!

I met with 3 Slovenian guys last week, just after my training session with StartupYard teams, and this become something more interesting that just having a beer with chips in a pub in the middle of Prague’s most awesome district – Smichov. (Yeah, Google and Skype are just around the corner + some of the most successful Czech companies)


First I’ve asked one of them – Petra if she can see the face into this ad:

She said yes, and after a few days I got this one from her.



Then Edina and Luka about more stuff and even I was a witness to a beth over the population of Slovenia. I forgot who won, but we had fun and all of this for like 45 min.


I got excited and  have exchanged a few more e-mail with all of  them about different topics and they are so awesome that I have decided to create an event soon in Slovenia to make the community even more successful.


Go to Slovenia

Now let’s get to the point – if you are startup from Europe, those awesome and creative guys have their call open for just 14 days more – until the March 15th.


Here’s why you must apply:


Another reason?

Watch the video. I love it!


Click here to learn more about their offer and on how they can help you to build, test and grow your product.


P.S This is not a paid CTA :)

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