I want to change how the education works, but I need your help.

August 23, 2012
By Bogomil Shopov
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I am leading an initiative to be launched soon for changing the education methods arround the world. I need a little help from you.

We need press-partners from every country in the World and in every US and Canada and Australia state. We are looking for very powerful, but modern medias – only one per country/state.

Can you comment here if you know media in your country/state that is really awesome and powerful and want to help us. (Mainly spreading the word and distributing our donation to a school throughout the country/state)?

I just need the website if you don’t have more detailed information.

You can send me an email to shopov.bogomil@gmail.com as well.

Deadline – August 28, 2012.

PLEASE share this with your peers!

Thank you!

Bogomil Shopov

I care about privacy, ethical design, and freedom in many aspects. I spend 20+ years working as a web developer and architect, analyst, manager, and product owner/manager in different environments, several countries, and multiple software industries like Healthcare and Hospitality. I wore many hats, and I use the knowledge gathered to optimize the flow of value across complex systems.


  • Percy Cabello

    August 23, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    In terms of credibility and technology embracement, El Comercio is the most relevant newspaper in Peru, part of El Comercio Group with several web properties: elcomercio.pe

    • Bogo

      August 29, 2012 at 7:04 pm



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