44 responses to ““Make me run”. A Twitter campaign”

  1. Fabian says:

    Interesting idea:)

  2. scgough says:


    very interesting concept. good luck.

  3. Rakshith says:


    Make sure you have enough glucose :P

  4. Da Scritch says:

    Better run than watch it on TV/VLC !

    I should sport me too ;)

  5. Michal Kleiner says:

    Good luck! @MichalKleiner

  6. Andres says:

    Run run as fast as you can!!

  7. cipisec says:

    Common Bogo! :) Luck!

  8. Run, run! @marcinderylo

  9. Ivan says:

    Good luck, Bogo! Greetings, @ikierren

  10. mrsHeckard says:


  11. Mark says:

    Have fun! @reid_write

  12. @GeorgiBachvarov

    страхотен ум си!

  13. xstevens says:


  14. @vikingkarwur

    Go Bogo Go :)

  15. @johndrinkwater.
    Enjoy running that extra metre :)

  16. алекс says:


    Няма да е лошо и аз самата да потичам в някакъв момент, но дотогава, тични един метър за мен :-))

  17. eldred says:

    go go go go go

  18. kufeiko says:

    Хайде надявам се да ти трябват тренировки преди бягането :)

  19. Dimitar Panayotov says:

    @pdimitar — Retweeted. Good luck. :)

  20. Гонзо says:

    О, ще тичаш и още как! А, трябвало да си добавим твитер името? @gonzomir

  21. Mike Ramm says:

    One retweet from me. Good Luck! @mikeramm

  22. @DIchter says:

    Go Go Go, Bo-Go!

  23. Kaloyan says:

    Run, Bogo, run! @mrasnika

  24. ikalchev says:


  25. @darcoto says:

    Go, Bogo! :)

  26. @avagreve says:

    Много готино измислена кампания, успех, Бого

  27. Helen says:

    @helenmonroe. I think you should have got Josette to run with you ;)

  28. Tim says:

    Nice idea – Best of luck! @DrillBoard
    Yours in Sport
    Drillboard Soccer

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