Make me run and support the open source and free software


My name is Bogomil “Bogo” Shopov.

I just started my own business in the heart of Europe: Prague. I love social media, communities, web technologies and the open web.


I have an idea how to help me to promote my small company and to make something good for yourself and for your favorite F(L)OSS project/team.

It’s easy:

For every re-tweet I receive on a certain tweet:

  • I will run 1 meter during Prague GrandPrix on September 8th 2012 (I never ran more than 500 meters in my life. It’s a huge challenge.)
  • I will put your twitter username on a t-shirt and I will run with it. (I may use more than one)

    I will donate $0.05 to one of the these foundations*: Creative CommonsEFFMozilla, Apache, Eclipse Foundation

How to participate?

To be a valid participant to this fun action and to make my fat ass run 10 000 meters, you have to:

That’s it!

*If I get more than 5000 participants, all of you will be able to choose the foundation/charity by voting.


Do you want to join this campaign as a sponsor? Please contact me using the “Contacts” link in the main menu. You can sponsor the little campaign by adding $0.01 (or more) for every tweet AND a tweet from your company account.

P.S The previous attendees don’t have to do this again. Here they are.

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