#Fosdem 2012 – what’s going on.

Mozilla’s schedule for FOSDEM is quite busy:

1. There is an online streaming that can be watched from here

2. Follow #mozilla tag to follow what is going on right now at Fosdem – including nice quotes, slides and some hacks like this one:

Hacking the #Fosdem‘s “O” – Hack it and tag it with #fosdem-hack and get nice #Mozilla t-shirt (draw). – See more here

3. if you are here, please stop by our booth and get some buttons and join our effort to make the web better.

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Bogomil Shopov

Bogo is a marketing person addicted to the Internet and its power. Before he was mentioned in Wikileaks and Forbes (twice) he was a nice person. Now he is a marketer :) He loves beers, traveling and his family a lot. Monty Python and Metal music fan.

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