Bulgaria Web Summit 2014 with GitHub, ElasticSearch, SmashingMag and more friends

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I think it’s time to write something about Bulgaria Web Summit – the event I am organizing since 2004. Of course the name back then was WebTech but this is just a formality.

Why Bulgaria Web Summit?

Honestly I don’t know, it was like … how we will name it .. Bulgaria Web Summit. The funny story is I talked 2 days ago with Florian from Usersnap and he asked me “I was wondering if Paddy Cosgrave already sent  you an angry mail (about the name)” and today I’ve got a call from UK-ish number and I thought here it is, the angry Paddy is calling me.

Let’s go back to the event. It will be amazing, as usual. We will have speakers and friends from GitHub, ElasticSearch, eCommera,Smashing Magazine and even more and more. We will have of course a prime minister talking …well not the Bulgarian one, we don’t really like him, but the one from the Ministry of World Domination, no kidding.

Developer track

In short: JavaScript, Development Workflows, ElasticSearch && Python, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Embedded Devices hacking and more

Designer, UX, UI, VDT track

Responsive Design , Visual Design Thinking, CSS, Fonts, UX and UI, Firefox OS

Business track

Product Ownership, Social media marketing, Kanban for Marketing, Showcase of successful products, Job fair and much more.

3 rooms, 30 speakers and a party!

Danish Knan from GitHub is introducing his talk at Bulgaria Web summit in Sofia

Fosdem 2010 – OpenWeb and Communities

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Since my talk was not scheduled for the main track for some reasons I decide to propose a new lighting talk about OpenWeb and Communities:. a 7 min unconference session with a little bit of provocation :)

I realise that FOSDEM is not suitable for community (and marketing) topics, but I think a different view on Mozilla and our contribution in age or participation was very good idea to touch our hacker souls :) So you’ll never understand what are the common things between ZORBA and Mozilla :)))

Maybe some of my readers knows, but FOSDEM is THE place where European Gnu/Linux hackers meet and will be sad if we can’t get their support on Mozilla related issues…. So, how can we do this?

Yes, we ALL support the Open Web, but do we really know what is the Open Web???
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