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Developers Will Never Need To Leave Vim Again, especially under Fedora

As a proud Fedorian, vi user under Fedora and as a developer (well from time to time) I  must share this news that combines my two worlds. The problem The truth is everybody needs to do multitasking today. The real cost of it  is hidden, but you’ll definitely lose at least 40% of your productivity if you are constantly switching… Read more →

Help a freelance journalist in #Crimea. He needs urgently a laptop.

THIS is important: A friend of mine Jan Husar (freelance journalist and a good guy) is in #Crimea and he needs a new laptop to continue working and spreading the word live about what is going there. If you respect transparency and care about independent news, please help him. If you can provide the laptop for him, please contact him… Read more →

Some more updates on Bulgarian #mozilla community.

Long time no see :) We have a new design on our community website, based on the official Mozilla wordpress theme:   Finally we had fully localized homepage for Mozilla Addons and Mozilla Addons for developers. Previous Week:   Now: We are trying to organize our community better and to make the localization better. So you may expect some news… Read more →