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trrello thunderbird integration

#Thunderbird and @Trello Integration

Problem: I need a quick way to add some texts from my e-mails to my trello “ToDo” board. I am using Thunderbird. Solution: I’ve decided to start writing a plugin to do that. I am almost done :) If you are interested, drop me a line. Read more →


FirefoxOS, Internet of things (#IoT), the future

A note: This is a serious post, couple of months ago I wrote an article as a joke saying that I am leaving Mozilla project by some reasons, umh, it was April 1st. After that I was insulted by several people “you have left the community”, “we don’t want to work with you”, “we are working only with active people”… Read more →

Fedora 17 on Raspberry Pi: Mission Possible

Just after Christmas my Raspberry Pi has arrived in a tiny-tiny box :) Fedorize it! How to install Fedora on it? Easy? Since I don’t have SD card writer, shame on me I used my wife’s Windows machine build-in writer, but for good. Unfortunately all Fedora instructions are for Windows 7 and Vista, but here’s how to do that in… Read more →