Category: Mozilla in Bulgaria

Make my birthday open wish comes true.

Every year at December 22th I have a birthday. Strange isn’t it :) Every year I am asking my friend and colleagues to donate money to a great cause instead of buying me some ordinary presents. Two years ago we together have made a great KIVA campaign and we are still helping businesses in Africa with almost 5000 USD. I… Read more →

Bulgaria Web Summit 2011

Having in mind the development of technology and the clear fact that the WebTech and P2P conferences’ format is completely exhausted, our team decided to create a new type of event, which could give to all its fans, participants, sponsors and speakers the desired information and could follow all the new web trends. Just like the past conferences, the event… Read more →

Our new community website is ready

We have a new community site. It is based on WordPress 3.0.1 and Budypress. What are the features: 1. We have community. Anyone can: – register; – share information to the website activity wall; – write to his/her own blog; – join groups by topic (SUMO, Thunderbird, Firefox, L10n, Development and others); – join and create events; – read the… Read more →