Pirate Party member Azyz Ammami beaten in detainment

Internal sources from Tunisia confirm that jailed Pirate Party member Azyz Ammami has been beaten by police officers. Furthermore, he was forced to take a pro-regime lawyer instead of his own.

Pirate Party members Azyz Ammani and Slim were imprisoned on Friday and  are being charged on account of anonymous DDoS attacks with degradation of state property. There is currently no contact with them and it is not known whether the charges will be dropped or the case will go forward.

Pirate Parties International urges European and Tunisian politicians to intervene and ensure that Azyz’s and Slim’s human rights are respected.

Update (12.01): More info here (Google translated). We have notified a lot of MEP’s and some news stations (in Bulgaria) and our ambassador in Tunisia.

The arrests come in the context of a “cyberwar” between the Tunisian authorities and web activists, who have been struggling to break through the country’s extensive censorship wall.

(picture by Aljazeera)

Please contact your governments and MEP to help freedom of speech and fight against censorship and violence.


Diaspora* privacy is a myth?

One of the good things about Diaspora* project is it’s privacy. Anyone is able to delete ALL data from a POD and to move to another POD or just to use any other way to connect with friends.

I have created 3 accounts on joindiaspora.com, diasp.eu and diasp.org. After few weeks I have deleted 2 oh them and after another few weeks, the information about my accounts is still visible via search.

I still don’t see how my privacy is protected here. Fail or a bug?

Many browsers on Fedora (Safari and IE)

If you need a lot of browsers, like me, to test some web stuff, this info can be useful for you.

Safari on Fedora

  • 1. You need Wine (yum install wine*)
  • 2. Download Safari from here (choose – Safari 5.0 for Windows XP, Vista or 7)
  • 3. Click on exe file to install.
  • 4. Done

IE on Fedora

I know, yes, I know. What a hell I need IE on Linux. Some of my clients still using this ‘most used browser’…

yum -y install wine*
yum -y install cabextract

Get the package and install it. But before that, read the legal stuff from here.  Yes, IE is FREE, but you still NEED a valid license for Windows to use it. WTF?!?

wget http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/downloads/ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
tar zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
cd ies4linux-*

This month in Pictures

1. Freedom
On January 14th , 2010 there was a massive protest around the Parliament building in Sofia under the slogan “Bulgaria is not Big Brother, 2010 is not 1984”. The protest unites citizens, political parties and many organizations around their demand against the latest change in the data retention legislation.

Here I am:

2. Family
Daddy, could you walk faster, please. Mammy, please keep us on focus :)


3. The fucking weather

Last week, the weather surprise us all. -21 C is a temperature level for Scandinavia, not for Bulgaria:



More ideas about the SUMO website: The Entry point

I am thinking how to improve SUMO project and how to get more members into the community using this website:

The entry point

First of all, we MUST have our start page localized in all world languages. This is not a big deal, because I think, the start page should look like this:


Why? Because this is the user’s entry point to the Mozilla SUMO project.
How? No more than 100 strings for localization. Cool !

Meet and greet

Why not greet people on their own language when joining the SUMO website. If I am from Germany or other German speaking country or community (or even if I am using a German localization) or I am entering this website from Germany, based on my location (shared), why don’t I see the German website instead of English one :


Missing in action

So, we are having users on SUMO website, but we still don’t have the KB translated.

Let’s ask them for help and point them to “How to contribute” information:


Coming next: SUMO: Improving the user experience

If I were a SUMO Community Manager …

If I were a SUMO Community Manager I would have 2 main directions to work on:

Internal – strengthen the existing community and external – to get more people to the community. I think SUMO community is one of the most dynamic ones in the World and there is a lot of passion inside.

Maybe is a cliche, but we are now in the age of participation, we must give the chance for all users to participate.


I think the external priorities should be something like:

  • Teaching users what is the difference between website and a browser.
  • Better communication with them – after asking a question, for example, they can be asked to help other people if their area of expertise is good enough.
  • Get more members for the communities using existing platforms. We can communicate with people using their own language to educate them HOW and WHY to join the community. There are A LOT of people helping the users on Twitter, Facebook and different non-community forums – we must reach them and integrate them into community.
  • Better integration between crash-stats and SUMO. People expect to see more information and help when is available about:crashes info.
  • Why not greet people on their own language when joining the SUMO website.
  • SUMO welcoming parties – once a month, new members will be invited to a “virtual” welcoming party.
  • Integration between social network tools and TikiWiki.

and IN

If we are talking about internal community, we can find a way to reach every member of the community with:

  • Put a member to be responsible for a task. For example : Please make a report for latest 100 non answered questions from SUMO forum.
  • Line up areas of expertise and expect people to give feedback on that. For example if I belong to the group responsible for answering questions about UI, I can give better feedback on that issue, than other who is responsible about malware, for example.
  • We have to improve our existing web tools and we need more feedback on that. I am ok with Spark, but it is not user friendly for non-technical community members.
  • I know we have a lot of members, but the active members are not so many. So, we have to activate them with more personal and local tasks. We need something more stimulating than ‘Carma’.

How do I know such things?

I am dealing with communities since 2004 when I started organizing a Web technology conference. I t was important back then as it is now to find proper approach to reach the different community layers. The Combination between on and offline methods helps strengthening its integrity.

Currently I am managing several communities, one of them is based on our digital rights and freedoms and includes working with social network and services like FB, Twitter, Linkedin and so on, different types of people and politicians and organizing different actions such as protests, flashmobs and various topics discussions, concerning our digital rights.

I am participating in the Mozilla project since 2004. I started developing some search plugins and toolbars for Firefox, then I started to evangelize along with my open source and open standards activities in Bulgaria. I have participated in a number of meetings for Open source adoption in our government.

I am a member of an international group of organizations which work directly with the EP to stop software patents (again), the data retention directive and other violations of our digital and human rights. I ran for European Parliament in 2009.

Now I am working on building and stabilizing the Mozilla community in Bulgaria. I can communicate in English, Bulgarian, Romanian and Russian

Fosdem 2010 – OpenWeb and Communities

Since my talk was not scheduled for the main track for some reasons I decide to propose a new lighting talk about OpenWeb and Communities:. a 7 min unconference session with a little bit of provocation :)

I realise that FOSDEM is not suitable for community (and marketing) topics, but I think a different view on Mozilla and our contribution in age or participation was very good idea to touch our hacker souls :) So you’ll never understand what are the common things between ZORBA and Mozilla :)))

Maybe some of my readers knows, but FOSDEM is THE place where European Gnu/Linux hackers meet and will be sad if we can’t get their support on Mozilla related issues…. So, how can we do this?

Yes, we ALL support the Open Web, but do we really know what is the Open Web???
/some rights reserved under CC./

Why Mozilla sucks – part 2

I start to read all comments about Firefox, Thunderbird and other Mozilla projects for my talk at FOSDEM. (or for any other Mozilla event, if it will be not approved.)

There are very valuable facts and ideas in there:

1. Why Mozilla sucks? at my blog.
2. Why Mozilla sucks? at LinkedIn
3. An unknown twitter account.

If you have your own version, please read my blog post and then post your comment.

Bulgaria is not Big Brother, 2010 is not 1984

On January 14^th , 2010 there will be a massive protest around the Parliament building in Sofia under the slogan “Bulgaria is not Big Brother, 2010 is not 1984”.

The protest will unite citizens, political parties and many organizations around their demand against the latest change in the data retention legislation.

The draft Law, which was passed on December 22^nd , 2009, contains provisions, allowing the Ministry of Interior and many other agencies to execute continuous and uncontrolled monitoring of the behaviour, movement and other information on any Bulgarian citizen, regardless if he is or is not guilty of any crime. This preconditions the reversing of the “innocent until proven guilty” concept, which is a founding concept of the Bulgarian Constitution as well as of a number of European documents for human rights protection.

Here are some points of the proposal:

1. The Ministry of Interior will have access through a direct interface to the data for the calls and the mobile devices positioning of every single citizen without any legal reason. Court order is required, but the term “interface” is also introduced and this gives the agencies direct and untraceable access to the general national database for every one of us, rendering useless the control, exercised by the Court and the Parliament.

2. Another odd requirement, which is introduced in spite of the Directive, is that traffic data may be retained for crimes with more than 2 years imprisonment, which is practically almost any crime. Even odder is the fact that the Law specifically says that these traffic data can be used in relation to computer crimes, provided for in the Penal Code, which soon will include the vague subject of computer piracy.
The other key issue, which we fight against, is the too big and wrongful extension of the Directive, requiring the insertion of similar matter in the Bulgarian legislation, thus giving a legal reason to the Ministry of Interior to enter the general data base any time it wishes.

Of course, there are many other problems, because the legislative framework on data retention itself violates our rights and it is no surprise that it is being abolished in many countries. We, in Bulgaria, will continue to work for this.

Here is an example interfacehttp://bogomil.info/dr (/Firefox /required).

“Electronic Frontier Bulgaria” is one of the organizations, which initiated the protest and which is leading the fight against Internet and mobile phones tapping since 2008.

We are a part of the core of the protest, which is to be held on January 14^th , 2010 at 11 a.m. in front of the Bulgarian Parliament. Our main and sole demand is a change in the draft Electronic Communications Law, ensuring the human rights of all users of Internet and telecommunication services in Bulgaria, including mobile phone talks.

Bogomil “Bogo” Shopov



+ 359 897 615128 (mobile)

I just send my application to Mozilla

I just send my CV and a cover letter for an open position to Mozilla. I know I don’t have any chance, but there is still hope (yes, that’s me. ) :)

Yes, I am a community manager for … 9 years. On-line and Off-line.

During all conferences I  organize, I have been working with different kind of people off-line. I am working every day with wikis, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linkedin, Ning, Sprouter, and so on.  I am an open source guy, that mean I am contributing to different project and ideas and this is community work too …

I have a lot of ideas and I hope Mozilla can feel it :)

The me:// protocol and Firefox

In 2010 even the small kids know Internet is a very large space of bytes. I am browsing it every day like billions of people, but I am using only a little part of it as user and contributor.

My Internet is exactly the part I am using from the biggest Internet. What am I expecting from a new generation of browser? The answer is … to support me:// protocol.

Of course this protocol doesn’t exist and will never exist, but this protocol gives you an idea what I am expecting a browser to do.

I am not interested in Bookmarks
Let me first ask you a question. How often do you bookmark some stuff? OK, how often do you visit this websites later? See?


Right now I have more than 200 bookmarks, with tags and categories and I visit the bookmarks that are visible on my bookmark sidebar. Why? Because I don’t need them actually. Yes it is true. If I need something I will search for it, instead of using a bookmark. It is easy and I know I will find what I need faster than browsing bookmarks. Fact!

A browser must know what I want to visit.

No, I am not talking about AI. A new generation browser must remember what and when I visit and to suggest me an option. For example, I am reading every day news from a couple of websites and yes I am reading it at a particular time frame (9-10 in the morning).

What I expect from a browser is, if the time is 9.15 and I am opening my browser, to see several news websites links to choose from. Something like that:


Saved searches
Yes. I prefer to use a search engine to find what I need, but the browser must remember what I am searching for and when and if the next time I do the same search, the browser should display a message that I have made this search 2 weeks ago and I have visit those sites:


This is the new generation bookmark for me. Of course I will have history of my searches and visit sites linked to them.

My Internet are not only the websites, but my mail and my schedule. I am expecting my browser to show me information of some linked products like Sunbird and Thunderbird, something like that:


Why Mozilla sucks? Fosdem 2010

I just send my proposal to Brian for FOSDEM 2010’s Mozilla room and I need some help. Be ready … please turn your sense of humour ON.

The topic is … Why Mozilla sucks?

When I ask my friends and colleagues and even some ordinary people – why don’t you crazy people like Firefox/ Thunderbird/ Raindrop/(name your favourite Mozilla project), I receive a lot of different answers.

So, can you answer the question? Help me to improve my talk and maybe I will owe a beer :))))

Shoot now !

You can write here in English, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Romanian, Russian , German and French languages. Please do !