Who Am I?

I started my career a long time ago. My first job was, behold … a sheppard! I was at school and I needed money. Believe it or not I have learned a lot from my first job  :)

After that I used to sell small goods, and when I finished high school I joined the Bulgarian Army.  I spent 5 years in intelligence doing some secret military stuff.

After 5 years I realized I needed a change and in order to escape the army’s stupidity, I decided to pursue my dream – to work in IT. If you go through my resume you will find a lot of things – I used to work as a programmer, web architect, IT manager, Product and Project Manager, Open Source consultant, community manager, marketeer. I’ve spend  6 years working on startups.

What else is worth mentioning:

  • I am a Pirate! My signature is on the establishment act of Pirate Parties International.
  • I  ran for European parliament with the idea to fight for our digital rights
  • I love startups
  • I was on Forbes twice :) On Wikileaks and Globalvoices once :)
  • I have organized more than 30 events (for developers, hackers and designers) in USA and Europe.

Want to learn more about me by any reason? Google me now :) Feel free to spy on me on twitter as well.


Contact me?

My phone number is + 420 606 189 663.

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