Bogomil Shopov

I apply Lean-Agile knowledge and tools to execute and release value.

The Wind Through the Keyhole and the future of APIs

I was reading today the great article about the unknown aspects of REST and I thought that it’s finally time to talk, or in my case write more about the future of the APIs, but first let me invite you to the magical world of Stephen King’s novel The Wind Through the Keyhole and in the precise moment when the Ka-tet are hiding from the Starkblast.

My funny out of office auto-responder.

Hello,I will be out of the office from 2/20 thru 3/8 – returning to my desk on 3/9.If you have questions about life, ask Deep Thought.If you have an emergency, dial 0118-911-881-911-119-7253. (yes, really) If you wish to speak to an operator say ‘zero’. (In Bulgarian)If you know the whereabouts of known terrorists, contact Jeff…

Voice-controlled UI plus a TTS engine.

A few days ago I’ve attended the launch of SohoXI – Hook and Loop’s latest product that aims to change the look and feel of the Enterprise applications forever. I am close to believing that and not only because I work for the same company as they do. They have delivered extremely revolutionary UI in…


I wrote an article on Linkedin about the 3 interesting startups from Europe. Click here to read it.